Social Media

A Powerful Marketing & Communication Tool

Social Media Marketing

Importance of social media

The importance of social media should not be overlooked, no matter what size your business is. Since the last update to Google, social media interaction offers great benefits in terms of search engine ranking, so for a robust SEO strategy this must be included. Added to this, social media gives businesses a way to interact with their client base that has never been possible before.

It’s not just enough to ‘be on’ Facebook

It’s not just enough to ‘be on’ Facebook, or any other social media platform. To make these services work for you, you need to develop a strategy for using them and a creative way to interact with them. Our job is to help you define and develop these strategies and functions, to give you access to all the benefits of social media, without any of the headaches.

Basic information isn't enough

But basic information isn’t enough. It also needs to look great and be easy to navigate. No matter how great your content, if your site is difficult to navigate, you’ll lose potential customers.

Drive traffic to your website

In today’s high tech world in order for your website to be interesting and popular it needs to incorporate social media of some sort. Social media is a powerful marketing and communication tool it can drive traffic to your website and it can be much more cost effective than alternative, traditional marketing strategies

You should adopt these rules
  1. Be selective with your use of social sites, and use the ones where you will find the most potential customers
  2. Engage with your customers and be social
  3. Respond to customers, communicating is a great way of engaging people
    Adapt your use of social media sites, keep ahead of new sites and constantly monitor the ones you are using for their effectiveness
Ways of incorporating social media into your website
  1. Add social media buttons to your home page e.g Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  2. Connect your website to your blog
  3. Embed videos onto your site
  4. Add presentations onto your website
  5. Socially bookmark new content – stumbleupon, reddit and delicious
  6. Add a Facebook like box to your website
  7. Create an RSS feed that feeds the content of the website
  8. Add Press releases for new products
Our social media experts

Working with you, our social media experts will take you through the various networks available, identifying which you will have a presence on and how they will be used. From there we will develop your accounts to look and function exactly how you need them to, and will present you with an interface to make it easier to manage them in the future.

What We Do For You

Stunning Facebook pages, with apps and add-ons to increase your brand exposure

Customised Twitter profiles and support to manage your tweet

Support with a range of other social network platforms and the development of your image on them

Bespoke blogging solutions and full website integration of your new social media outlets


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