WordPress and E-commerce

WordPress and E-commerce

WordPress has been known for it’s blogging capacities for the past several years, and now it is being known for E-commerce. You can create a fully functional electronic store, also called a content managing system, with WordPress and e-commerce.  Anybody can do it, using WordPress’s easy to use system, from a small business user to a large corporation bringing themselves online. WordPress now offers third party shopping card (e-commerce) plug ins to allow users to set up a fully functioning electric commerce store on their WordPress website.

  • WordPress development makes it very easy to combine and manage your website and online store under the same platform. Gone are the days do you have to administrate two separate websites. With the new WordPress and e-commerce function-ability, you’ll be able to integrate your website and store together.
  • By integrating the website and store together, you’ll be able to display the current favorites and hot selling items on the homepage, beside blog posts. You can even use built-in WordPress Widgets to share items using, for example, a flash slider on different parts of the page.
  • It saves a lot of time and effort. You log in and have access to both the website and ecommerce so you can manage everything at once. This also makes it very easy to keep track of sales.
  • It’s not just easy for you, the webmaster, to use the website with WordPress and ecommerce, it’s also much easier for the users of your website as well. When a single website has the content and shopping cart needs integrated it helps the user have a positive experience.
  • The integration of content and e-commerce centralizes functionality and makes for easy maintenance.

There are many plug ins, some free, some for a nominal cost, to set up e-commerce and WordPress. WP e-commerce is said to have the most options for free. It is 100% customizable and has streamlined checkout. The payment options allow you to use credit cards to Paypal, and even Google Checkout, plus it allows for various shipping options. This is just one example of a WordPress e-commerce plug in, and free, to boot.

WordPress has been evolving from a rather simple blog system in 2003, to one of the most powerful Internet tools in 2013. Many websites you see use WordPress in the background for their blog, their content, and their e-commerce. WordPress and ecommerce opens up a whole new world of ease of use and user interaction. It allows for transactions to be made simply, and quickly, with many options for both the user and webmaster. As WordPress keeps evolving, it’s going to continue getting stronger.

Plus, it’s free.

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