Why Use WordPress Over Other Platforms?

Why Use WordPress Over Other Platforms?

Over the past while WordPress has become a well known name in website development and blogging.  Let’s begin with some history. WordPress began in 2003 as a blogging platform and evolved, letting user’s add web pages outside of their blog, quite a handy feature. So why use WordPress over other platforms?

  • WordPress is free and open source. Open source means anybody can take the original code and edit it themselves to customize it. The free aspect means you or your company can spend more money on other parts of the web site.
  • WordPress is incredibly easy to use and has a reputation for being just that. It’s easy to install, and you don’t need to set up Linux, Apache and PHP to run it. It can be as simple to begin with, or as challenging as the user wishes, therefore supporting a very large group of users.
  • Using WordPress over other platforms is ideal because it has a tendency to be much more flexible than some of the other content managing systems out there. You can build a simple blog, or an entire community. You can start off small and as your business grows, you can gradually add more and more without having to do too terribly much (see above: WordPress is incredibly easy to use).
  • You can customize WordPress. Every part of WordPress is customizable to meet your needs. It is also search engine optimized friendly, making it easy to have your website found in search engines.
  • So why use WordPress over other platforms? It’s interactive, it’s easy, it’s free and it’s customizable. It has a nifty spam filter, and allows you to control comments.
  • You own your WordPress blog, as it’s hosted on your website on your server with your domain name. Other platform can just snatch away your content, but not with WordPress.

WordPress is a cool platform, and it’s also professional. It’s free, it’s flexible, you can add on when you need to, it’s versatile; whether you’re making a blog about your daughter’s pet cat or your e commerce business. WordPress also features Widgets and plug ins for that extra oomph! It is generally quite easy to learn quickly, and you can have a fully functional website in just a few hours. This is why I use WordPress over other platforms.

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