Responsive Website Design & its Benefits?

Responsive Website Design & its Benefits?

If you have a website, and you have not heard about responsive design, you should be concerned. This type of design is imperative because the way the average user accesses the Internet is changing. Recent surveys have suggested that 10% of all browsing is now preformed on a Smartphone. However, what if your site is not correctly optimised for mobile browsing? Here, we will explore more about responsive website design and the benefits.

What is responsive website design?

Not that long ago, you could only access the Internet was via a desktop. Therefore, when web developers put together a website, they just needed to worry about it looking right on this platform. However, nowadays there are tablets, Smartphones, televisions, laptops and games consoles that can all access the Internet. Now, it is imperative that your site can project perfectly on all of these platforms.

In order for your site to appear properly on all these different platforms, it needs to be responsive. Unfortunately, the most ascetically pleasing site on a desktop can be made to look average on a tablet.

What are the benefits of responsive website design?

Alongside the main benefit, which is that your site looks presentable on all the platforms, there are a few other major benefits.

For a start, your site will benefit on the search engines if it has been properly developed to “follow the industries best practice of using responsive website design.” Google released a statement to say that this was now an official recommendation. Furthermore, when your site has been developed to be responsive, it will be naturally supported on more browsers, which is beneficial as more people move away from Internet Explorer.

As you can see from the above, responsive website design is clearly the way forward. As this is the case, make sure you consider this if you want to get a site developed, or you currently have a site without this type of design.

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